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Travel Trailer Babes

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Everybody wants a little house on wheels.  And why is that?

Travel Trailer
Hello, Handsome.

Tiny travel trailer stove
Cassoulet, anyone?

Maybe it's knowing that if things get too bad, escape is waiting just outside. Or maybe it’s the idea of sleeping with nature, under the trees and stars -- but with an inch of glass and metal between us and the sleepwalkers. For me, it’s those tiny stoves. I just love the challenge of whipping up dinner on a tiny stove.

Years before I stumbled onto Sisters on the Fly, I spent months researching the full-time RV lifestyle. Mister and I went to a couple RV shows, just looking, which turned out to be very painful because we found the perfect, and-I-do-mean perfect Fifth Wheelmmm. Fireplace, pendant lamps, king bed. Farewell, lover. I still dream of you. 

The idea was we’d drive around to art and craft shows and Mister would sell his travel photos while I sold buri bags – handwoven beachy bags from the Philippines (a previous obsession).

The research is easy enough; there are lots of books about the RV lifestyle and advice for women traveling solo. It’s a growing industry; according to the Washington Post, more than one million people are now living in RVs in the U.S.

In the end, though, two things kept us in brick-and-mortar: 1) Mister’s job was not mobile, and 2) I started obsessing over what the people at all these RV parks would be like. Would they be snoopy? Dropping in on our private cocktails? Would they be loud? Would they have parties and not invite us? Would they have parties and invite us? What if we didn’t want to go? There’s no hiding in a house on wheels. 

Fast forward a dozen years, however, and hey looky looky: is this the answer? Sisters on the Fly is a group of ladies - actual grown-up ladies who have trouble remembering things and opening jars – who hitch up their sweet and swanky little travel trailers and congregate for a little cocktailing and outdoorsing. No boys, no kids (them’s the rules). Just girls.

So the whole outing is a party. And you can tour each other’s little trailers, and cook on your tiny stoves. And then go home. 

Doesn’t it sound just awesome? My new favorite crush. Life list addition: I will be a Sister on the Fly. 

If that sounds like fun to you, too, here are some helpful resources to start putting the pieces together, whether you’re looking to be a full-timer or just want to catch a little fun on the fly. 


Sisters on the Fly

SOTF has more than 5,000 members across 50 states. A member does not need to own a trailer, know how to fish or know anyone else in the group to be included in events. She just needs a desire to be more active, adventurous and social. Annual membership fee: $70

Women’s Adventure MediaRV Types 101 for Women Who Travel Solo

Buy a Travel Trailer - See travel trailers for sale at Sisters on the Fly, and the whole RV family at one of the largest dealers in the country, Lazy Days RV

Go RVing

Everything you’d ever want to know about RVs and the RV lifestyle

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