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Why I love my Vornado

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Is it weird to love a fan?

I'm completely smitten with the tiny Vornado - the V6. Not the medium-sized one, which sounds a lot like a tornado has busted into the bedroom – hence, I guess, the clever name. The V6 is my savior, with just the right amount of breeze, and just the perfect level of white noise. One of the many things I love that just work.

Here are just a handful of times when a Vornado can change your life:

  • Vacations with the in-laws who keep the house at a comfortable 80.

  • Visiting the in-town friends and their dizzying array of fire truck sirens and car alarms.

  • Visiting the wine country friends who’ve grown accustomed to the creepy sounds of silence.

  • Muffling a partner who snores (in a humane way). This is totally unscientific, but Mister swears that my snoring has decreased a ton since I started pointing the Vornado directly at my face when I sleep.

  • Hot flashes. Of course.

What about you? Do you have a tiny savior?

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