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Sisters on the Fly: My New Crush

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Sisters on the Fly, an informal group of women who gather around the country in the cutest travel trailers you've ever seen, has more than 140,000 Facebook followers. Ya think maybe they hit a nerve?

They hit a nerve with me. I saw those trailers and Brain said oh that looks like so much fun I could never do that.

Not the fun part; I can do fun. The part about the trailer was what Brain was reacting to. And whatever's involved in putting a hitch on a car, and then hitching that hitch to a trailer. By myself. Without Mister. So huh, that called for some thought.

The first thought was: What the f?? When I did I become that woman? That woman who, because she co-exists with a highly competent man, began doubting her own abilities? I mean, back in the day, I drove everywhere - DC, Ireland, Mexico - alone, with maps and no cell phone.

I like to drive, travel, try new things. In my 20's I wrangled a job with a hair salon chain because I'd get to move to Ft. Lauderdale. (I don't do hair). I rode 250 miles from Philadelphia to Washington on a charity bike ride (and didn't walk one hill). I learned to swim so I could enter a sprint triathlon. (Not exactly the Ironman, but still. Swim! Outside of a pool!) I used to spend my summers working for a carnival, for God's sake. I do stuff.

So my second thought was: this fear thing, it's bad. This needs to stop. I want to be a Fly Sister. I will be a Fly Sister.

Maybe we'll be Sisters on the Fly together?

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